Labelec Estudos, Desenvolvimento e Atividades Laboratoriais SA (EDP L)

EDP LABELEC (EDP L) is a reference in the areas of engineering, preventive maintenance, and innovation. The provided services are aimed at the entire value chain of the electricity sector, from generation and transmission to distribution and consumption of electricity. 

The vast experience in high voltage services, electrical and electromechanical testing, inspections, research, certifications, consulting and environment, has earned the laboratories a growing national and international prestige. The quality, technological knowledge, and capacity for innovation of the EDP Labelec technical team have contributed to this, allowing an efficient and adapted response to our customers. 

New testing technologies focused on optimising preventive maintenance of electrical equipment and systems, sustainability, renewable sources, and energy efficiency are currently the trends that characterise EDP Labelec’s activity. 

Regarding innovation, the participation in European projects aims to contribute to the energy transition, in which the expertise of the team is put to the test in innovation projects. 

Watt and Volt 

Anonimi Etairia Ekmetalleysis Enallaktikon Morfon Energeias (WVT)

Aligned with the global developments in the power sector, WATT+VOLT is an innovative setup, having Customer Service at its core.
It is a rapidly growing and highly innovative Greek company, providing electricity, natural gas, and integrated energy services to a wide range of customers in Greece and across the world.

WVT has got the license to trade and supply electricity to the Greek market in 2011; later in 2015, it also got the license to supply natural gas. With continuous investments in innovative technologies and in the specialization of human resources, WVT has become a key player in the trade and supply of electric power, emissions trading and IoT-enabled, i.e., Ιnternet of Things energy efficiency solutions in Greece.

The strategic mission of WVT is to expand our reach and establish ourselves as the leading provider of integrated energy solutions in Southern Europe and the Balkans. The primary aim is to address WVT customers’ needs with dedication, efficiency, and flexibility through harvesting the skills of our highly-experienced personnel and through our systematic investment in research and development for new products and services.
Customer experience lies at their core. Hence, WVT is launching a nationwide retail stores network. In WATT+VOLT stores, expert advisors walk the consumers through our integrated solutions for households and corporations for an efficient, comfortable and safe everyday living.

Smart Energy Lab (SEL) 

Smart Energy LAB – Association (SEL) is a Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB), a nonprofit organization with multiple equity partners from industry and academia and a unique combination of science, technology and industry in the energy sector. CoLABs are institutions promoted by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technologies (FCT) and the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology with the purpose of: 

  • Enhance co-operation between different institutions and create highly qualified and scientific employment; 
  • Implementation of research and innovation agendas aimed at creating economic and social value; 

Additionally, SEL integrated approach converges knowledge from key industry verticals competences along with multi-disciplinary core competences horizontals, such as: 

  • Distributed resources; 
  • Flexibility; 
  • e-mobility.


RINA Consulting SPA

RINA is a global corporation that provides services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors through a global network of 200 offices in 70 countries. Through its 4400 talented professionals, RINA provides a wide range of high-quality tailored solutions aiming to back up the market operators across the entire life cycle of their projects.  

As a result of the integration of a number of internationally respected RINA companies, RINA pools several entities under one unique brand. In terms of Governance, RINA consists of the Holding Company RINA S.p.A. that controls and coordinates the two main operational companies RINA Services S.p.A. and RINA Consulting S.p.A. 

RINA will be mainly involved in the project through its operational company RINA Consulting. As the engineering consultancy division of RINA, RINA Consulting provides a wide range of services covering the whole project life cycle from feasibility and specialized technical studies to conceptual and detailed design, prototyping and testing, project management, site engineering as well as operation and maintenance management. Working alongside Clients, as a trusted technical partner, RINA Consulting 

provides a wide range of traditional and innovative services to critical industry sectors, including oil & gas, power, renewables, space & defense, transport & infrastructure sectors. As such, RINA Consulting offers high-end services to investors, promoters, operators, and contractors, as well as to insurers and public administrations, to support their initiatives. Innovation is a key element in all our projects; RINA Consulting has a proven experience in helping its clients in developing their new products and services as well as managing their collaborative innovation processes. 

This project particularly impacts RINA’s Energy and Industry businesses, which helps support the sustainable growth of operators throughout the world to meet growing market demands in oil and gas, power generation (conventional, renewables and power grids) including environmental protection. The company provides a vast array of services, dedicated to all players of the sector, helping operators to meet sustainability targets as well as ensuring compliance to the highest standards of engineering and construction. 


Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias

UNINOVA is an is a multidisciplinary, independent, and non-profit research institute from Portugal, formed by a consortium including NOVA-SST (School foof Sciences and Technology from Nova University Lisbon), a financial holding and up to 30 companies. The main aim of UNINOVA is to pursue excellence in scientific research, technical development, advanced training, and education. By working closely with industry and universities, technological innovations are transferred into profitable business concepts and, existing products further developed to match new industrial requirements.

NOVA Information Management School 

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL)

NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) is a leading Portuguese institution in the field of information management and statistics. It is part of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (New University of Lisbon). NOVA IMS specializes in areas such as information systems, data science, statistics, geographic information systems (GIS), and digital marketing. It aims to educate professionals who can effectively manage and analyze large amounts of data, extract valuable insights, and make informed decisions in various industries and sectors. NOVA IMS offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, as well as executive education and professional training courses. The school is committed to research and innovation in the field of information management. It actively engages in collaborative research projects with industry partners, government organizations, and international institutions.  


Azienda Consorziale Servizi Municipalizzati

ACSM (Azienda Consorziale Servizi Municipalizzati) was founded in 1902 to produce hydroelectric energy. Its activities nowadays range from production, distribution and sale of electric and thermal energy and public services in the area of Eastern Trentino. ACSM owns and manages 18 production plants from renewable sources (17 hydroelectric plants and 1 cogeneration plant from woody biomass). The installed power is around 130 MW, for an annual average production of 450 GWh.  

Fondazione Bruno Kessler 


Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a research institute based in Trento (Italy) that promotes excellence in fundamental and applied research. The primary goals of FBK are the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge as well as developing solutions that can have an impact on both the market and society. Sustainable Energy (SE) is FBK’s centre for energy research, innovation and outreach. The mission of the centre is to support the development and the adoption of low-carbon and zero-emission solutions for the production, distribution and storage of energy that minimize environmental impact and contribute to the deep decarbonization of our society.  


Energy@Work Società Cooperativa a R.L.

Energy@Work is an innovative non-profit start-up organisation founded in 2014 thanks to a funding of 1.250.000,00 € under the Italian PON cooperative society. It is located in Brindisi, Apulia, Italy. The main goals for Energy@Work are the exploitation of researchers’ activities, protecting national young excellences in research, promoting on its own territory and abroad technological research and innovation.


Cooperativa Eléctrica Benefica San Francisco de Assis de Asis Sociedad Cooperativa Valenciana

Enercoop is an electric cooperative organization located in Crevillent, a municipality of 29,000 inhabitants located in the south of the province of Alicante in the Valencia Region. The cooperative is owned by 11,000 members and has presence in practically the entire value chain of the electricity sector: production of 100% renewable energy, distribution to the municipality of Crevillent through its own electrical network, electricity provider throughout the national territory (including the domestic and business segments), consulting on innovation, energy efficiency and energy communities, engineering and installation of energy generation systems from renewable energies, representative agent in the electricity market for renewable production facilities and electricity purchasing group for other energy provider companies. 

Beyond its business aspect, the Enercoop was conceived from its origins as an electrical cooperative that has evolved over the years to become the largest EC in Spain, modern, cutting-edge and with a clear vocation for service. Enercoop, which has almost 100 years of history (founded in 1925), is an entity that is governed by the ethical values of excellence, transparency and service vocation. All the profits obtained are reverted in the form of corporate social responsibility actions. This transformation is based on promoting a collective model applied to energy, fair, democratic, decentralized, clean, renewable, and digital, since information technologies will play a prominent role. A new model where the citizen will be the protagonist. 

The organization has a team of professionals trained in its consolidated business culture and in the founding principles of the entity and convinced of the collective and participatory model applied to energy. 


Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis

CERTH is one of the most important Research Centres in Greece with a main mission: The promotion of innovative research for the benefit of society. Dedicated to this purpose, CERTH lies at the forefront of basic, applied and technological research to provide solutions to society’s modern challenges. 


Market Research and Analysis Centre

ASM is an small and mediumsized enterprise (SME), private Research and Development (R&D) centre specialized in market research, business analysis and socio-economic studies. In the area of market and business analysis ASM works on business plans, business models and market strategies planning using different market analysis methods: desk research, questionnaire interviews, in-depth interviews and on this base define market shares, market potential, forecasts, etc., linking R&D with industries. ASM also provides end-user behaviour analysis and neuromarketing studies in product or service testing phases. 


Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegespast Natuurwetenschppelijk Onderzoek

The Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO) is the largest Dutch independent research organization, a major one in Europe. Based on its expertise and research in technological, policy, business and social innovation, TNO connects people and knowledge in order to create targeted innovations, not for the sake of knowledge, but for practical application. TNO’s mission is to generate innovative solutions with demonstrable impact to achieve a safe, healthy, sustainable, and digital society and boost the earning power of the Netherlands. We aim to achieve this by performing two core tasks (roles). The first is to support the Dutch government in carrying out statutory government tasks in the public interest. TNO’s second core task is to strengthen the earning power of the Dutch economy and increase employment.


Research and Development. S.A. (ETRA I+D)

ETRA Research and Development. S.A. (ETRA I+D) is the high technology unit of the ETRA Group, one of the leading industrial groups in Spain. With 2,000 employees worldwide, ETRA is a large group of companies dedicated to providing society with the most advanced technologies in the fields of renewable energy, mobility, security and communication. ETRA offers intelligent solutions for the entire energy value chain, from generation to transmission, distribution, retail, and active consumption of electricity. 


University of Zagreb

Faculty of mechanical engineering and naval architecture is part of the largest Croatian universityUniversity of Zagreb that has more than 60 000 students enrolled. The Faculty is one of the most recognised entities in the field of energy system research and analysis as well as the integration of renewables and advanced technologies in the energy systems. This is also internationally recognised as two of the professors from the energy research group – prof. Krajačić and prof. Duić – are among the worlds’ 2% of the most cited scientist in the world, and several other members of staff are Editors in recognised international scientific journals (e.g. Energy, Applied Energy, JSDEWES, etc.). The group is currently implementing several EU funded projects (mostly Horizon Europe and H2020, but also LIFE and Interregs). As such active group, UNIZAG is in contact and continually working with citizens, government, other RTOs and local municipalities. As such it can reach across the social spectrum and work on the implementation of innovative technical, social and regulatory models implementations (such as energy communities). 

Grunneger Power 

Cooperatieve Vereniging Grunneger Power UA nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Grunneger Power has been active as an energy cooperative for more than 10 years and have over 2500 members. We make Groningen sustainable in a fair way. We do this, for example, by generating our own solar energy. And by helping residents to make their neighbourhood more sustainable. 

Because we arrange things close by and therefore locally, we ensure that we all have and keep control over our own energy. We believe that together with you we can make the transition to sustainable energy. We do this in our own distinctive way. Groningen style and with Grunneger Power. Our members help us to make the local environment more enjoyable and sustainable. 


Empresa Municipal de Ambiente de Cascais, E.M., S.A.

CASCAIS AMBIENTE is the brand name of the services provided by EMAC – Empresa Municipal de Ambiente de Cascais, E.M., S.A., whose share capital is wholly owned by the Municipality of Cascais. 

Besides the urban cleaning and waste collection services with which it started its activity, Cascais Ambiente is also responsible for adapting to climate change and managing the municipality’s urban green, play and recreational public spaces. After absorbing the Cascais Atlântico and Cascais Natura municipal agencies, it has extended its competencies to the management of natural resources and the coastline. Its work also includes the promotion and implementation of activities aimed at the preservation, qualification and enhancement of the environment, environmental education, and knowledge. 


European Green Cities APS nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

EGC works for a sustainable development in Europe by facilitating a network of experts, municipalities, social housing organizations, educational institutions, consulting companies and producers from 18 European countries, European Green Cities Network. Apart from administering the networks, EGC is also participating in innovative, sustainable projects, implementation of best practice in planning and building, education and dissemination. EGC has its expertise within urban planning, smart cities, sustainable and energy efficient building and renovation, financing of energy efficiency, stakeholders’ engagement, ICT, and communication and dissemination.