COMMUNITAS on Sustainable Places 2023 | 15th, 14.00

Join COMMUNITAS team on the 2nd day of the Sustainable Conference 2023 in Madrid during Energy Communities Track Part 2: Citizen and Consumer Engagement!

2 days of the Sustainable Conference 2023 will be partially devoted to the Energy Communities Track. It brings together all EU-funded projects at different stages but focused on one topic: energy citizenship. The event explores renewable energy technologies, guidelines, and regulation frameworks unlocking the penetration of energy communities in Europe. It also analyze how to approach communities to engage citizens into the energy market activities.

COMMUNITAS project will take part in the 2nd part of the event on 15th June at 14.00 – a workshop called ‘Energy Communities Track Part 2: Citizen and Consumer Engagement’. This workshop will explore the opportunities and limitations of engaging citizens and consumers in energy communities. Methodologies and tools will be presented by the COMMUNITAS, HESTIA, LIGHTNESS, NEON, REACT, RESCHOOL, and DE-RISK projects.


14.00 – 14.05 Intro
14.05 – 14.25COMMUNITAS (Filipe Neves da Silva, EDP) “Unlocking the active participation of citizens in energy markets through energy communities”
14.25 – 14.45HESTIA (Aggeliki Aggeli, AAU) “User engagement lessons learned”
14.45 – 15.05LIGHTNESS (Gonzalo Navarrete, Traza Territorio) “The local government as an enabler of greater participation and inclusion in energy transition. The case of the Spanish pilot ManzaEnergía”
15.05 – 15.25NEON (Sergio Luján, GFM) “Strategies to engage through innovative technologies and services in the NEON pilot Industrial Park Las Cabezas (Spain)”
15.25 – 15.45REACT (Fausto Sainz, COMET) “Promoting interest in energy communities in small islands and REACT engagement strategy”
15.45 – 16.05 RESCHOOL (Roberto Petite, Universitat de Girona) “Strategies and tOOls for Incentivization and management of flexibility in Energy Communities with distributed Resources”
16.05 – 16.25DE-RISK (Miguel Miñano, MIWenergía) “Case study: Crowdlending among the neighbors in the Spanish pilot site to install PVs for collective self-consumption in the neighborhood, where an energy community is already constituted. MIW manages the P2P economic flows between the users.”
16.25 – 16.55Roundtable
16.55 – 17.00Conclusions

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